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Tourmaline Changelog#

I will do my best to keep this updated with changes as they happen.




The core functionality of Tourmaline is now auto generated from the official Bot API documentation. This means that Tourmaline will always be up to date with the latest version of the Bot API.


  • New method set_my_name to change the bot's name. Returns True on success.
  • New method get_my_name to get the current bot name for the user's language. Returns BotName on success.
  • New Tourmaline::BotName class to represent the bot's name.
  • New Tourmaline::InlineQueryResultsButton class to represent a button shown above inline query results.
  • New Tourmaline::SwitchInlineQueryChosenChat class to represent an inline button for switching the user to inline mode in a chosen chat.


  • Updated Tourmaline::WriteAccessAllowed class to include an optional web_app_name property for the Web App launched from a link.
  • Modified Tourmaline::InlineKeyboardButton class to include an optional switch_inline_query_chosen_chat property.
  • Updated Tourmaline::CallbackQuery class to include an optional via_chat_folder_invite_link property.
  • Modified answerInlineQuery method to accept a Tourmaline::InlineQueryResultsButton instead of switch_pm_text and switch_pm_parameter parameters.


No bug fixes reported in this diff.


This release contains major breaking changes. If you currently rely on Tourmaline as a framework you may not want to update.

  • Added full support for Bot API versions 6.4, 6.5, and 6.6
  • (breaking change) Removed all annotation based handlers.
  • (breaking change) Removed the Handlers namespace. All handlers now fall directly under Tourmaline.
  • (breaking change) Stripped Tourmaline of all magic. Models no longer have a client instance passed to them, instead we will now rely on the Tourmaline::Context which is passed to all handler callbacks.

Examples have been updated.


  • Added full support for Bot API 6.3
  • (breaking change) All is_ prefixed properties in models have been replaced with ? getters. For instance, is_anonymous is now anonymous?.
  • (breaking change) Client#default_parse_mode and Client#default_command_prefixes have been made class properties instead of instance properties.
  • Fixed issues with missing priority and group properties on event handlers.
  • (breaking change) extra/paginated_keyboard no longer extends InlineKeyboardMarkup.
  • Added methods Client#send_paginated_keyboard, Chat#send_paginated_keyboard, Message#reply_with_paginated_keyboard, and Message#respond_with_paginated_keyboard. Requires import of extra/paginated_keyboard.
  • Fixed broken parts of extra/routed_menu.
  • Fixed broken parts of extra/stage.
  • Handlers no longer require an instance of Tourmaline::Client.
  • Added several new UpdateActions including ThreadMessage, ForumTopicCreated, ForumTopicClosed, ForumTopicReopened, VideoChatScheduled, VideoChatStarted, VideoChatEnded, VideoChatParticipantsInvited, and WebAppData.
  • Bot examples have all been fixed
  • More, see the official Bot API changelog for a complete list of changes.


  • Added sender_type method and SenderType enum to Message, allowing the user to easily figure out what type of user or channel sent the given message.
  • Updated docs


  • Removed Container class which was being used to maintain a global instance of Client.
  • Added finish_init method to all models, allowing them to contain an instance of the Client that created them.



  • Added full support for Bot API 5.1 - 5.3
  • Fixed some dependencies.
  • Added additional classes ChatInviteLink, VoiceChatStarted, VoiceChatEnded, VoiceChatParticipantInvited, VoiceChatScheduled, MessageAutoDeleteTimerChanged, InputInvoiceMessageContent, and BotCommandScope.
  • Added scope and language_code options to set_my_commands and get_my_commands.
  • Added method delete_my_commands.
  • More, see the official Bot API changelog for a complete list of changes.


  • Added support for TDLight.
  • Added user_token argument to to support the TDLight user API.
  • (breaking change) All arguments to are now keyword arguments.
  • (breaking change) Removed async argument from event handlers. All events are now async by default. Async events can be disabled with the -Dno_async flag.
  • UpdateHandler now accepts an array of UpdateAction, or a single one.
  • Fixed an issue where poll always deletes a set webhook. Now it will only delete the webhook if delete_webhook is true.


  • (breaking change) Removed the filters, replaced with new handlers
  • (breaking change) Removed Granite specific DB includes from models (also commented out; next update should make persistence better)
  • (breaking change) Renamed PagedInlineKeyboard to PagedKeyboard
  • Added RoutedMenu class for easy menu building


  • Replace broken Int in unions with Int::Primitive
  • Make Helpers.random_string actually return a random string, not just a number
  • Change the first run logic in Stage


  • Added support for Passport
  • Added animated? to Sticker
  • Added several new filters including InlineQueryFilter and CallbackQueryFilter
  • Added connection pooling to fix concurrency errors
  • Events are now async by default
  • Added a new helper class PagedInlineKeyboard
  • (breaking change) Moved KemalAdapter to tourmaline/extra
  • Added proxy support based on mamantoha/http_proxy
  • Added support for multiple prefixes with commands
  • Allow changing the log level using the LOG environment variable
  • Added an InstaBot example
  • (breaking change) Disabled (commented out) DBPersistence for now
  • Updated for bot API 4.9
  • Added support for the 🏀 emoji, including methods Client#send_basket, Message#reply_with_basket, and Message#respond_with_basket
  • Added via_bot field to Message
  • Added Stage (importable from tourmaline/extra) for conversation handling


  • Added ameba checks
  • Replaced Halite with HTTP::Client, resulting in a major speed boost
  • Rename persistent_init and persistent_cleanup to init and cleanup respectively
  • Remove handle_error in favor of Error.from_code


  • Updated polls for Quiz 2.0
  • Added new send_dart method


  • KeyboardMarkup
  • (breaking change) Replace Markup class with KeyboardBuilder abstract class and extend it with ReplyKeyboardMarkup::Builder and InlineKeyboardMarkup::Builder.
  • Add .build methods to ReplyKeyboardMarkup and InlineKeyboardMarkup.
  • (breaking change) Replace QueryResultBuilder with InlineQueryResult::Builder.
  • Update examples with new Builder classes being used.
  • InlineQueryResult
  • (breaking change) Replace QueryResultBuilder with InlineQueryResult::Builder.
  • Add .build method to InlineQueryResult.
  • Update examples with new Builder classes being used.
  • Persistence
  • (breaking change) Made Persistence a class rather than a module and updated HashPersistence and JsonPersistence to use it.
  • Add persistence instance variable to Client
  • Add NilPersistence and make it the default persistence for new Clients
  • Add DBPersistence


  • Add support for Filters.
  • Add users methods to Update and Message to return all users included in the same.
  • Replaced usage of the strange logger with the new Crystal Log class.
  • Log all updates with Debug severity if VERBOSE environment variable is set to true.
  • (breaking change) Renamed File to TFile to avoid conflicting with the builtin File class.
  • (breaking change) removed the Handler class and all subclasses. Update handling is now done exclusively with the EventHandler class and Filters.


  • Fix bug with event handler that was causing On handlers to run on every update.
  • Add CNAME file for
  • Update the logo.
  • Add DiceBot example.


Updated to bot API 4.7

  • Add send_dice method to client.
  • Add BotCommand model along with get_my_commands and set_my_commands methods.
  • Add new sticker/sticker set methods.
  • Add Dice update action.